Lovely Paper Products that help you feel peace in your mind, life and home.

Hey, I'm Evelyn.

When I got married, I became so overwhelmed by all of the never ending todo's a home came with. Women have been trying to figure it out for centuries, but I know for certain that no one started out perfectly. Nor do I believe they started out peacefully.

You know that one chapter in "Little Women" that's all about Meg stressing about making jams and jellies? What a perfectly subtle description of wifehood.

But you know what I found? It doesn't have to start that way. There is a way to start marriage, or be in marriage, or not have a marriage at all, and feel peace in your mind, life and home.

I was determined to not have a "Meg Chapter" more than once so...

I went on a mission.

I looked everywhere trying to find a planner/notebook that I could pour into. One that would help me feel peace and help me wear the many hats I didn't know a ring would give me.

When I couldn't find it,

I created it.

A Lovely Home Planner